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  • IEDRO estimates the world loses 500,000 old weather records every day – records that can be used to predict drought, floods, the spread of disease, and the impact of climate change.

  • To locate, rescue, image, digitize, and share historic climate data, enabling developing countries to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change. No other single endeavor will save more human lives and prevent more suffering.

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Rescuing historic environmental data improves climate change research; and when used regionally, can reduce humankind’s suffering and death more than any other endeavor.


IEDRO recovers at-risk climate data from around the globe that enables meteorological and scientific communities to provide a better understanding of climate change and more accurately predict severe weather.

“I think that the data recovery work of IEDRO is, perhaps, among the most important international activities that meteorologists are undertaking. It is an honor for me to be associated with that effort by IEDRO.”
–Dr. Richard Greenfield, Senior Fellow of the Atmospheric Policy Program at American Meteorological Society