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Press Release: Paraguay Partners with IEDRO for Environmental Data Rescue

Deale, Maryland – The Paraguayan government declared a state of emergency after a severe drought left approximately 185,000 people without the basic necessities for life. But not just the 2009 drought had a devastating effect on the country. The El Nino and La Nina phenomena propelled the arid conditions to a catastrophic length. The drought […]

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Press Release: Maiden IEDRO Trip to Namibia Scheduled

Deale, Maryland – In early 2009, Namibia experienced its worst flooding in four decades. 276,000 people, or approximately one in seven Namibians, were forced to leave their homes due to the floods, which washed out roads, destroyed cropland and hospitals, and caused the incidence of cholera and malaria to spike. A better understanding of weather […]

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Press Release: El Salvador Partners with IEDRO to Save Critical Weather Data

Deale, Maryland – Torrential rains poured down on El Salvador in early November, triggering massive flooding and landslides. The storms killed over two hundred residents of the Central American country, and left thousands homeless. The town of Verapaz saw some of the worst damage, after loosened mud and rocks from the Chinchontepec Volcano buried numerous […]

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