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Review of Pew Charitable Trust Reports: Climate Change 101

Review of Pew Charitable Trust Reports: Climate Change 101

By Sara Avrams


Climate Change 101 is a series of 10 brief reports on aspects of the threats posed by global climate change. Although each of the 10 chapters stands on its own merits, and can be downloaded individually, I recommend downloading the whole document. The reader will find it a gripping read. Each chapter has an overview that neatly and clearly gives the reader a taste of what is to come. The forecasts are fast, furious and brutally honest.

Science and Impacts gives a gripping view of the effects of climate change from the scientist’s point of view. The science is easy to understand. Impacts are made in layman’s English with graphic aids, such as pictures, charts and graphs.

Adaptations logically explains how we may need to adapt as our world changes around us. This chapter addresses planning from a number of perspectives ranging from personal to global. The focus is positive and proactive.

Clearly, we got ourselves into this dilemma and we must get ourselves out of it. Technology and cooperation are the keys. Technological Solutions discusses the hardware of many available solutions; laying out those choices with beautiful clarity and simplicity.

The next several chapters: Business Solutions, International Action, Federal Action, State Action, and Local Action focus on the cooperative and governmental issues necessary to address the resolution and remediation of global climate change. These chapters focus on a very complex set of facts and information in a way that is easy to grasp.

I have only two criticisms of these reports. In one case, a comment was made that Texas emits twice the amount of GHGs as Spain. I immediately wondered, “How large is Texas compared to Spain?” (I looked it up. Texas is 269,000 sq. miles with a population of 25 million where Spain is 195,000 sq. miles with a population 45 million.) This comparison would have made for an interesting discussion.

Another comment was made that the earth’s temperature was rising by 1.5 degrees. It would be helpful to explain how this number would affect the earth.

In summary, this is a fascinating booklet on global climate change suited for the general population. A good read for anyone interested in understanding facts and hearing the story told from a positive hopeful perspective.

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