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MetEd’s Weather and Climate Educational Modules

Note from the editor: The following is an email sent by COMET, a program within the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) that specializes in outreach and education on a broad range of meteorological topics. Listed are their newest “training modules”, which are free and fun to use and provide outstanding scientific information that can in turn be used to teach classes, inform research with ties to climate issues, or simply help one’s personal understanding of certain topics.

“March greetings 2012 from the COMET Program! It’s been a busy winter at the COMET Program and we have many new offerings on the MetEd
site.Whether you are interested in the Arctic, meteorology in Africa, monitoring atmospheric dust, space weather, or climate, ocean
phenomena, or NWP there is something for you!

Since our last update we have published the following materials: These links now take you to a MetEd page that provides more detail about
each module prior to you logging in to the site.

– Arctic Meteorology and Oceanography
– ASMET: 2009 Drought in East Africa
– ASMET: Flooding in West Africa
– Atmospheric Dust (
– Community Tsunami Preparedness, 2nd Edition
also available in Spanish at
– Gridded Forecast Verification and Bias Correction
– Monitoring the Climate System with Satellites
– Space Weather Basics, 2nd Edition
– Tsunami Strike! Caribbean Edition
– The U.S. Naval Observatory: Mission, Products, and Services

… and Spanish language versions of 2 of our modules on Volcanism at:
– Cenizas volcánicas: Vulcanismo
– Cenizas volcánicas: Herramientas de observación y modelos de
dispersión (
As always, these materials are freely available to everyone, courtesy
of our sponsors, NOAA’s NWS and NESDIS programs and EUMETSAT, the
Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, and the Meteorological
Service of Canada.

Don’t forget you’ll need to register in order to access the modules. Registration is free, easy and available in both English and Spanish.
We welcome any comments, suggestions, or feedback you have on these or any other training offerings available through the MetEd Website.


Wendy Schreiber-Abshire
COMET Meteorologist “

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