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IEDRO presents to USDA on weather data rescue & digitization, agriculture and risk management

Washington DC | Dr. Crouthamel was invited by the USDA’s Associate Administrator For Risk Management, Barbara Leach, to participate in the  Seventh Annual Cyber Security Symposium and Expo at the USDA headquarters in Washington. Dr. Crouthamel presented on behalf of IEDRO.

Among the topics Dr. Crouthamel addressed, were weather data rescue and digitization’s impact on agriculture risk management, weather analysis and prediction. In particular, rescued data is playing a large part in mitigating the impacts of climate change on areas across the globe.

Dr. Crouthamel discussed the vital importance of electronic records being archived onsite, in the cloud, and locally before being transferred to climate databanks such as NOAA’s NCDC.

The question of Index insurance was raised, with Dr. Crouthamel noting that Index insurance is not scalable if it only works in areas covered by existing rain gauges with long histories.


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