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kudzu field

Climate Change and Invasive Plants

The new battle on climate change is being waged in our nation’s forests. Nonnative, invasive species are changing the face of natural ecosystems across the country by reducing biodiversity or wiping out large areas of natural vegetation completely. Climate change is helping to fuel this transformation. Warmer temperatures and variations in precipitation are allowing the […]

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Map of Australia

Climate change and drought in Australia

By Allyson Gorsuch Have you ever spent any amount of time on an island? If you have, then you know that the local population is acutely aware of winds, tides, precipitation, humidity, and all other weather conditions in general. With little protection from a sizable land mass, the ocean and its resulting atmosphere become much […]

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Ocean warming could have severe consequences for marine life

May 2010 By Kevin Tsai The effects of climate change, such as melting ice caps and increasing tropical hurricane intensity, may seem remote to many people. On the other hand, decades of increasing ocean temperatures, which reached new record average highs in June 2009, will likely drive changes to marine life that no one will […]

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The Catastrophic Death of Bolivia’s Famous Glacier

By Andrea Kobeszko “We don’t have any more time.”  Edson Ramirez, a world renowned glaciologist, offered this grim statement on the demise of Bolivia’s Chacaltaya glacier during a recent New York Times interview. The 17,500- year-old glacier, once the highest ski resort in the world, officially vanished earlier this year. Millions of Bolivians obtain as […]

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