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The Economic Impact of Extreme Weather in the US

A team of social scientists and economists from Colorado and California recently completed a study on the United States economy’s sensitivity to weather variability: extreme heat, extreme cold, droughts, and floods. This study marked the first time that US economic susceptibility to extreme weather had been explicitly quantified. Seventy years of atmospheric data were used […]

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New Englanders Adapt to Winter Climate Change

Many politicians in the nation’s capital are still in denial that human activity is contributing significantly to global climate change. Meanwhile, climate will continue to change regardless of the current state of the debate, and New Englanders are finding ways of adapting to later autumns, earlier springs, and milder winters. Dr. Alan Betts, one of […]

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Bangladesh Named Country Most Vulnerable to Natural Disasters

Environmental risk advisory firm Maplecroft has named Bangladesh the country most vulnerable to natural disasters on their Natural Disasters Risk Index.  Surveying incidents of natural disasters, and the material and human costs of those disasters over a period of 30 years, Maplecroft placed Bangladesh at the head of the 15 countries with an “extreme risk” […]

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