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Official Word on Climate Change from USGCRP

We at IEDRO want to provide the latest scientific findings regarding the planet and our climate. We will do a series that discuss findings that have been found regarding the climate change on a global basis and of man’s activities on these changes. The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) coordinates and integrates federal research […]

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Breakthrough in Scrubbing Carbon Dioxide from the Air

By Pennell Paugh CO2 scrubbers have been developed but so far, all have been prohibitively expensive. The Journal of the American Chemical Society reports that researchers at the University of Southern California’s Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute have developed an extraction method that has achieved some of the highest rates ever reported for removing carbon dioxide […]

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The Medieval Climate Anomaly

By Gavin Roy Since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels has increased from 280ppm (parts per million) to 390ppm across the globe. This has led to a net warming in the atmosphere to a magnitude that is still being quantified. Complicating […]

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Recent studies on melting permafrost

Scientists in Siberia, Alaska and the Arctic are researching what happens when the tiny microbes, the residue of animals and plants that lived thousands of years ago, become exposed with melting that has been occurring with the warming of the planet. They have found that typically melting permafrost releases carbon dioxide. In September 2006, a […]

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Volcano Eruption Leads to Phytoplankton Bloom

By Pennell Paugh We recently wrote that phytoplankton, which is the basis for the vast majority of oceanic and some freshwater food chains, is on the decline due to global warming of the planet.  However, a new article published in Geophysical Research Letters, reports that the recent eruption of a volcano in the on the […]

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Video Review: Climate Voices

“Save us and you will save yourselves,” is the plea from the Environment Minister for the Maldives. Though it may be one of the first countries to be completely inundated due to global warming, the Maldives will certainly not be the last. It is only a matter of time before it is our turn. One […]

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Map of Australia

Climate change and drought in Australia

By Allyson Gorsuch Have you ever spent any amount of time on an island? If you have, then you know that the local population is acutely aware of winds, tides, precipitation, humidity, and all other weather conditions in general. With little protection from a sizable land mass, the ocean and its resulting atmosphere become much […]

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