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historical weather data

Data Rescue Disoveries and Need Areas by Philip Brohan Hadley Centre

Both the “fog of ignorance” and “glow of discovery” emphasize need for data rescue

Philip Brohan, climate scientist at the Met Office Hadley Centre, combines information from old documents, tree-rings and large computers, into a clear picture of what the weather used to be like. At the August 2014 ACRE (Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth) workshop, attended by IEDRO, Philip presented this particular visualization (seen below) of mean […]

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Historical Weather Data Rescue: Baseline for Transformative Action

By Joan O’Brien When nations consider the potential risk of extreme climate events within their boundaries, vulnerability and exposure to disasters are factors that must be included in order to develop disaster risk management programs and adaptation plans. The International Environmental Data Rescue Organization (IEDRO) strives to help nations use data rescue to enhance their […]

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Press Release: IEDRO Profiled in Three National Newspapers

Deale, Maryland – The International Environmental Data Rescue Organization (IEDRO), a US-based, 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization whose volunteers rescue and digitize historic weather observations throughout the world, was recently profiled by the USA Today and the Baltimore Sun. The articles highlight IEDRO and its sister organizations’ work in saving and digitizing old weather data to allow […]

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Paleo Proxy Data: What Is It?

By Martina M. Dewey A paleoclimatologist’s work is science focused on the climate of past ages. Proxy data is data that paleoclimatologists gather from natural recorders of climate variability, e.g., tree rings, ice cores, fossil pollen, ocean sediments, coral and historical data. By analyzing records taken from these and other proxy sources, scientists can extend […]

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